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When I tried to upload a pic with this prompt, I get a warning called: "This picture is flagged for being a TOS Violation" despite it is clearly NOT. WTF???

<lora:quintuplets:1>solo, 1girl, solo focus, ((nude)), masterpiece, intricate details, best quality, (anime:1.1), cel shaded, digital media \(artwork\)
BREAK nakano nino, pink hair, butterfly hair ornament, (one eye closed)
BREAK (breasts, hyper breasts, gigantic breast, large nipples, large areolae, puffy nipples)
BREAK (thick ass, wide hips, thick thighs, gigantic ass, hyper ass, massive thighs, hyper thighs, thighs, from front)
BREAK (hyper pregnancy, pregnant, gigantic belly, belly)
BREAK (sitting on floor, arm support), ((scenery, living room, indoors))
BREAK heavy breathing, extremely painful, full-face blush, open mouth

4 Answers

I think it's the word "nino" - it's Spanish for "child" and automated system recognizes it as such (doesn't matter you didn't mean it like that). In combination with all the NSFW words in the rest of your prompt, that is clearly the reason for instant removal.

Dolirama's answer seemed plausible, so I gave it a spin, but 'nino' doesn't seem to be a banned word. So, I copied ABSDE's full prompt and tried to upload the image, and it did indeed get flagged for a TOS violation. Next, I tried breaking it down line by line. If I remove only the first line, and generate an image with everything else, I can safely upload that image; similarly, if I use the first line on its own, I can upload that image, as well. Breaking it down further, 'nude' turned out to be the one word that needs removing for the prompt to work, but there's too much going on in that prompt for me to figure out the full combination of words its interacting with to cause a TOS violation. I did test what I believed were the most likely suspects, though—'pregnant' and 'painful'—but both of these were fine.

Thus, I am once again beseeching the devs and mods to make public the full list of banned words. END OUR SUFFERING!

Agree with two comments above.

As the prompts shows, there are many things are 18+.

In the adult field, judgement on many things is not entirely dependent on machines or AI.

After all, everyone's tolerance is different, and the judgement of what is transmittable and non-transmittable is different.

It's worth noting that Civitai is moving towards a more official, formal way of operating.

So for 18+ things, it's necessarily impossible to lean in the direction of Pron.


Dude, we all know that 80% things from those words are not possible <pass> the check, even there is no guidbook or list.

Because regulations written on paper are bottom lines, not high standards.

So, my advice is to find the auditor and talk and communicate on a case-by-case basis.

The thing is the tagging system AND the bot flagging system is KNOWN for flagging even SFW images, flick your query via discord to a moderator and see what happens

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