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Error publishing model

When I complete all the steps to upload a model and click publish, the following error pops up:

Something went wrong while publishing your model. Please try again later.

I checked the developer tools and copied the error message returned by the publish request:


"error": {

"json": {

"message": "An unexpected error ocurred, please try again later",

"code": -32603,

"data": {


"httpStatus": 500,

"path": "model.publish"





2 Answers

Try again after some time it should be fixed

Error 500 means the server is having a stroke

CivitAI has a discord server, if something goes wrong on the site, you can be informed there. Right now CIvitAI has some metrics and uploading issues because of a new profile pages being released. Will be fixed soon or later.

Discord server:

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