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Tagging & Image Categories


I would like to know how the post and image tags are supposed to work?

I want the images of my posts to show-up in certain categories, so I thought I select the 5 tags to match the image categories. But that clearly doesn't work as only some or none of the images show-up where I would like them to be.

Also the automated image tags seem not to be relevant, when I check other images in the category I want to post in, the images don't have a matching tag.

Can someone elaborate on this, so that I could consistently get my images where I want them to show-up?


1 Answer

As far as I can tell the tags are pretty useless unless you create some hyper specific tags. The search also finds images that have the word anywhere in the prompt. At least it doesn't trigger on negative prompts.

The best advice I can give you currently for getting your images to show up "consistently" is to only add tags that you find relevant but aren't already part of the prompt.

But even then there are images without any prompts and limited tags that somehow show up for completely different searches. Just take the preset "swimwear" category. Basically, tags don't work in any sensible or visible way.

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