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Devs/Mods: please post a full list of banned terms

It's really tiring to upload a harmless image and have it violate the ToS for completely unknown reasons, and likewise to read through the questions only to see other users regularly complaining about it.

2 Answers

Ok a ToS violation doesn't always mean it's a true ToS violation, i've had flags happen on innocent images, and it's sorted itself.
If you're ever curious, ask the mods.

There are numerous reports that the filter is currently set to some crazy parameters and flags even completely harmless images with ToS violation so if it's a very fresh experience, you might have become a victim of this strange bug. But as a general rule, if someone is annoyed by overly active filter and does not know what's wrong with their prompts, they can simply remove all of them (for example by converting PNGs to JPGs) and the problem will be solved. But there is also a list you are asking for (a mod in the Discord channel pointed me to this):

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