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How to bake/merge a vae?

I have a problem as the service I use dont have vae support so I wanted to make a big series of models baked with their vae for everyone but I wasnt successful to find toturials or colab files ,my last research I got before asking this question was that you can rename the vae extention to safetensors then you merge it like any model (this was suggested by Bard) so can someone please guide me?

2 Answers

It is no use but destory your document to change pt into safetensors and merge them as models merge.

there are many tools like supermerge is enable to bake vae inside the checkpoint.

so, the only thing you should notice is to find the √ button and let the program bake the vae with checkpoint.

If you're using A1111- Supermerger doesn't auto bake it, i've tried. Model Converter doesn't either.
Built in checkpoint merger: Set it to self//none - and there's an option to bake a vae in.
Beyond that i can't remember all the settings -
Otherwise, you can't just "RENAME" but if it's a PT/bin you're after you can ask someone to convert it

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