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Where Do Safe Tensor Files Go if Running Automatic 1111?

I'm new here. Last March I managed to get Stable Diffusion running fine on my Windows PC (Watched a youtube video). All of the checkpoint files are located in a folder called, "Stable-diffusion", that is inside the "models" folder which is in the "stable diffusion-webui" folder. I updated Automatic 1111 webui and then I tried copying a safe tensor file ("sdXL_v10VAEFix.safetensors" that I downloaded from here) into the folder with all of the checkpoint files, but running Automatic1111 those weights would not load. I tried another safe tensor file with the same results. I noticed that there are several other folders in the "models" folder, like "VAE", "Lora", and others but nothing called "safe tensors". According to GPT4-Bing (and a Reddit post), the safe tensor files reportedly work with Automatic1111 when placed alongside the older checkpoint weight files. Obviously I'm doing something wrong here. Can someone let me know what needs to be done to get these XL based models working with Automatic 1111?

Thanks for any help!


2 Answers

VAE files: webui\models\VAE

Stable diffusion model/checkpoint: webui\models\stable-diffusion

Lora/Lycoris: webui\models\lora

.safetensors is just a file format, like .png for images or .doc for documents. Any model can have a .safetensors extension, be it checkpoint, VAE, LoRA or any others. You need to look at the model Type info that is available on all Civitai uploads, and move your files to corresponding folders. For example, sdXL_v10VAEFix.safetensors is a VAE file, so goes to VAE folder.

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