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Remove minor celebrities

Please, owners of this site, remove celebrities' models involving children/minors. Because you know they will be used for creating pedo pornographic content, and I don't think anyone wants that.

Yes someone could still just prompt a random child but having a recognizable child is even worst.

6 Answers

Hi, do you have an example of a child celebrity model in mind?

Our Terms of Service are quite clear - we will remove any model intended for the photorealistic depiction of minors (celebrities or not), and we will remove ANY image depicting the sexualization of minors, regardless of style.

We take this extremely seriously and have a number of checks in place to prevent this kind of content.


@theally, have a look at models produced here :

and look at the examples demonstrated in some of the comments.

I dont know what to make of those models, especially at the presence of such samples!

some are really unsettling imho.

imho, you need to stepup and at least make sure examples follow some guidelines, and people cant post anything for the sake of posting it!


The problem are the people who use those models for that, not the models themselves. It's a stupid request, with any model you can make images of children. What you are asking would lead to the removal of all SD models.

The problem are the people who use those models for that, not the models themselves.

Explain this to the authorities, who will shut down the entire site as a resource that hosts child porn

this website has too much censorship instead of not enough

e.g. completely safe images get those pesky orange/red tags and you can't even remove them

now there's no option to report the pics asking to remove the bad tag

honestly sick of censorshit on the web

I agree that taking down a legit model will not help. I know the minimum about SD and I'm sure i could produce those type of images from other models. They would be low quality but still NSFW. I have no idea how to fix this problem but you can't take everything down.

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