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I was just wondering if I could get some advice and tips on how to make good nsfw, 18+ anime pics, im new to this stuff and would like to get into it for fun. Can anyone help?

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I can't be sure where you are in the process so here are some guides to get you started:

Civitai's 100% Beginner's Guide to Generative AI Art

[Settings Recommendations for Novices] - A guide for understanding the settings of txt2img | Civitai

[Insights for Intermediates] - How to craft the images you want with A1111 | Civitai

Note that the guide already expects you to have a pretty good GPU but you can make good (if not that hi-res) images with a comparatively shit one. There are a lot more guides for all kinds of aspects on civit.

The baseline though is: select the kind of checkpoint and other models that strikes your fancy (MeinaMix or Hassaku for example)

Use a (small) selection of negative prompts and positive prompts for quality. ((worst quality, low quality:1.4) and masterpiece, high quality respectively) and from that point it is all about experimenting with prompts. In that case any danbooru tag with a non-neglibable presence can work Tag Groups Wiki | Danbooru (

Sexual content with 2 or more characters in particular is less likely to work well with just the base checkpoints. That's what LoRAs are for.

Just an example: 站立后背位/立ちバック/standing doggystyle - v1.1a | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai

Basically try whether you can get what you want, if it is too inconsistent or doesn't work start searching civit for a fitting extra model.

The same goes for specific characters and more specific artstyles. A few actually work with nothing but the danbooru tag, but for consistency you want corresponding models -> Ratatatat74 - Artist Style - pruned | Stable Diffusion LyCORIS | Civitai

Making "good" nsfw will always require some testing and experimentation. I'd recommend to keep the prompting to a minimum and work up from there.

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