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The file names on the safeTensor files often have no obvious relationship to the original entry in Civitai (some are only one or two letters for the filename). It would be great if the site appended the key value of the entry to every file, that way a link could be generated by hand, or automatically, back to the page for the file.

3 Answers

Recommend using the "Feature Request" button on the bottom right of the screeen.

maybe you should check out the Civitai Helper extension which you could search from Extension > Available and leads to this fork

basically as the description showed on page, if things are set up correctly and the model is indeed available on civitai, the globe icon on the model card would links to correspondent web page

There is a much more reliable method of tracking down the model's source - file hashes. Calculate the SHA-256 of the file, grab the hash's first 10 digits, and then use the api link:{hash_goes_here} .

A while back, downloaded models would be renamed automatically according to model name + version, which was handy, but this was replaced in favour of the author's original filename, presumably so that sample picture prompts would work out of box. They're rubbish for bookkeeping 90% of the time, but clearly it hasn't been enough of a priority for any dev to address.

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