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Looking for tips on prompts and/or models to make better fox girls

I have been having a tough time trying to get some custom fox girl/kitsune images to come out right, mainly trying to get a single tail to show in the right place, yet I can get the fox ears to show consistently and human ears don't show for most images.

I wonder if anyone has good tips for setting up either positive or negative prompts to have only one tail on the character, also any embedding models that could help with that?

I already use Anything V3 and other models that are built or merged from it and they can do what I'm after, but the tail keeps misbehaving and only seems to work for front views.

2 Answers

I used Anything V3 and mergers based off of it like AnyProto53, since they can generate these types of characters, for some reason the tail is the most glitchy part when trying to get only one to show (either its missing, there are multiple tails, its attached to random places, merged with the hair, held in the hands like a bag, or detached from the character)

Which models have you used? Maybe it's not just prompt but models? I'll take a look at this when I get a chance 🙂

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