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Can anyone tell me what would happen if I insert ton of images in the dataset for LORA Creation without giving them captions?

2 Answers

AI will simply learn everything from the images as equally important and will not be able to separate/isolate specific objects from them. Depending on what you are training, this could be useful or a complete disaster.

Recently got a good example of what happens:

The dataset is really visually busy in the background but that isn't tagged properly. So that is incorporated into all images.

Image posted by StickyRicky (

Any part that is "consistent" for all images without captions will be incorporated into the LoRA.

That is the same way you make good character LoRA. By leaving out the omnipresent prompts (hairstyle, eyecolor, bodyshape etc etc) these will be included in the LoRA/activation prompt.

As dolirama said: If this consistency isn't there it can end up a total mess.

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