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How to install a LORA?

How to install and use a LORA ?

3 Answers

For the A1111 webui, the model (usually a safetensors file) goes into webui\models\Lora. To use it, just add <lora:nameoflora:number> to your prompt. 'Number' decides how much influence the LoRA has over your prompt, and is usually set around 0.5 to 1. LyCORIS files are used the same way, and can even go into the same folder as LoRAs, or you can put them into a folder named Lycoris instead if you prefer to keep things organized and tidy.

If it's ComfyUI, someone else will have to answer; I haven't used it before.

You should download any LoRA file and drop it to SD folder -> models - LoRA, if you're using Automatic1111 at version 1.6.0+, all LoRA files, including LyCORIS, LoHA, etc now have a built-in support. Then you'll need click on "LoRA" tab under negative prompt box and if your WebUI instance was active, click on "refresh" button. Now you'll see all available LoRAs in folder.

If your Automatic1111's version is lower, there is a red icon under "Generate" button. It works the same as previous "LoRA" tab, but if you'll want to use LyCORIS or something that not a regular LoRA, you'll need to install additional extension in "Extensions" tab of your WebUi.

But i do recommend to update your Automatic1111 to version 1.6.0, if you're using this interface.

Just gonna drop this guide here for any specific further questions you might have:

What are LoRA models and how to use them in AUTOMATIC1111 - Stable Diffusion Art (

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