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its possible to get banned because of locked words ?

anything I write can end up being classified as a "blocked word" and I get a warning, I'm afraid of being banned for nothing, when I go to write "night" I get a warning on "nig" and when I write "deadly" I get a warning on "dead" and this is very annoying, its possible to get banned because of this?

2 Answers

I don't think so, the worst thing that can happen that images with such words will not be accepted. "Night" should not be a problem anyway as long as you finish writing that word. "Dead" however is one of the forbidden prompt words so you need to avoid that and look for synonyms.

There is the list of all banned or just moderated words (being flagged for review), that can cause an image to go through moderation or instantly remove it from post. There is no warnings for content being moderated, if it passes the moderation, if will be shown. If its not - deleted. No ban for you, until you're not trying to bypass CivitAI automod at least. I'm talking only about images posted on CivitAi. The same for resources, but all of them are reported by users or just being moderated if it breaks the rules somehow.

You can check banned words here:

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