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Why is There No FAQ Guide on How This SIte Works?

You'd think there would be a link at the bottom, but there isn't.... Was trying to find a FAQ or some sort site support page so I could find out what the arrows mean/do when your making a post. I initially only had a vague idea, but that and other stuff should be explicitly explained somewhere for newcomers to the site. This would also be helpful for people who need a refresher on the features of the site.

Civbot is not a great replacement for a FAQ site guide... It's often "at capacity" for me. Also, when I asked it "what are the arrows for when posting an image", it was confused and claimed it couldn't find any information. However, when I put "image tag arrows", suddenly it knew what I was talking about and gave an explanation. Having a permanent link to a FAQ guide for common site features and questions would put less strain on the bot.

I'm going to most pf this for a different question/feedback post, but also, when I press down for an image tag arrow, usually it still associates the tag as relevant to my image post.... For example, the nudity tag or maturity tags having the thumbnail to my post blurred for 13+ and up when there is in fact nothing provocative or any nudity.

2 Answers

Many basic things regarding site functionality are explained in tutorials posted at Education subpage: but yes, even that one is not clearly visible or accessible from the main page so if you don't know about its existence, you will likely never find it. Kinda defeats the purpose of educating users :)

On the bottom right you can submit feature requests. That's the right place for asking for an FAQ.

If I'm not mistaken downvoting a tag will only remove the tag if it is manually reviewed.

Honestly it is pretty pointless modifying the tags as they are still inconsistent for filtering and searching content. The only ones that really matter are the ones you add manually (for models in particular)

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