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Why are my images labeled as "sexual acts"?

I was trying to attach some images to a review and they somehow got marked as "sexual acts" despite the images being of completely clothed characters, showing no skin whatsoever, no sexual acts of any kind, no fetishes, no kinks, nothing of the sort. The images are invisible and there's nothing I can do to actually get them attached to the review.

Is there any way to solve this?

3 Answers

It's the automatic content filter marking them for further moderator review (that's why it appears hidden to anyone but you). Being automatic, it generates a lot of false positives so you need to wait for moderator action to unflag it. You can click on the arrow next to the tag to downvote it, that might help moderators but ultimately it's up to their action to make the image available to everyone.

Thank you, that makes some sense!

Although, wow, that detection needs work, there's nothing even remotely erotic in the images, it's just profile shots of a cute character dressed very conservatively and without any exaggerated/sexualized features. Unless it's mistaking white clothes (not even form-fitting) for skin or something.

This is, tbh, the only bad part of the Civitai experience. My workflow has image inputs of swimsuits and they are all flagged as 17+ or worse, despite being nothing that you won’t see at a waterpark. I don’t gen porn at all.

This has been the same issue that midjourney had/has, and they too didn’t respond appropriately to community feedback. If There’s no nudity or sexual content, or violence, then it should not be flagged.

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