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Could we get a "copy download link" button?

I use a web based UI and use SD across my LAN. The beck end is a headless Linux box that I access with SSH. I don't want to download a file to my Windows box and the copy to the Linux box. I want to copy the download link to the safetensor file and run wget or curl on the Linux to download the files directly to it.

5 Answers

Can you just right click and copy the link?

You can download it in browser to copy the link, I'm not sure how long this link will last.

Doing that gives this: which doesn't include the model name. It doesn't specific it a ckpt or safetensors file.

wget will work with the existing URL links. But curl would not work for me even with the -L option

The -J option on curl is the key. It takes the file name hint from the headers:

curl -J -L -O ""

My mnemonic for this is "Jello" because of the flags J L O :D

For more info, look for "remote-header-name" in

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