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As a diversion to all the beautiful women, I like to create Sci-Fi interiors (starship bridges, futuristic command centers, control rooms.... basically anything with sci-fi consoles, control panels, computer display monitors, etc)
I've spent hours searching this site for specifically those things, (using a variety of search words) only to find a very small handful of results. At most, maybe 20-25 models, with many of them being characters or exterior sci-fi scenes. Also, I'm looking for realistic/photographic styles, not anime or 3D gaming styles.

Am I missing something, or is there just not much interest in that kind of environment? And are there other sites that might offer more selections?

3 Answers

My models are mostly focused on photograph and realism. They will make some of the cartoony stuff, but I mostly use them for photo quality images and landscapes. I had not tried any sci-fi themes stuff really, but my most recent model, AcornXL, is pretty versatile. I made a quick starship panel just to see if will make that kind of stuff and here is the first output on a simple prompt:

The model's base name is Acorn Is Spinning, but the newest version is my first SDXL version AcornXL:

Realism and photorealistic images is pretty much my sole focus. Feel free to check out the model or any of the older ones is you use 1.5 instead of XL.

Thanks Seeker, that's exactly the kind of sci-fi consoles I have in mind. I have Acorn V1 (SD 1.5), but I'll definitely download your latest version and give it a try.
Below is an example of one of the images I've been working on, (something on a much bigger scale), a large futuristic sci-fi control room using the checkpoint colossusProjectXLSFW_v202 and one of several sci-fi LoRAs that I found.
But as you pointed out, I'm realizing now that a model doesn't have to be created specifically for a sci-fi theme to get good results. Thanks again!

Great idea. Maybe I would make a LORA in future.

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