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Is There a LoRa for Reducing Shoulder Width?

Is there a LoRa available for reducing shoulder width?

When applying LoRa, especially applying large breasts LoRa,

there seems to be a frequent issue with increased shoulder width, almost as if it's pumped up.

I despise this.

The combination of delicate shoulder width with large breasts is crucial for me.

So, is there a LoRa that can help with this?

While there are LoRas to reduce a slim waist, shoulder width seems to be less frequently addressed.

Maybe it's because people in Europe prefer broader shoulders?

As mentioned earlier, that's not my preference. Can someone please assist me with this?

3 Answers

If you can't find anything like that, it's probably there is no such LoRA on Civitai yet. What you can try is to post your own bounty with requirements and see if someone would be willing to make that exact LoRA for you.

Not that I've seen. Minute anatomy altering loras are few and far between.

Ostris imo has been by far the best creator of slider loras, and his technique seems pretty simple (on paper at least).

As doli stated a bounty should get some results, but if you're feeling up to the challenge, here's the guide he published a while back.

Here's another guide that I wrote on creating a slider that uses one of the scripts that is referred to in the link from firemanbrakeneck:

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