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For some reason, after I hide a couple of models Im not interested in, results stop showing on the front page and everything is hidden by default.

Ive been only hiding individual models and theres no tags to unhide in settings and even the models I liked arent showing in the Liked Models page.

Only fix I had was to delete my acc and make a new one but it happened again so is there a way to fix this?

3 Answers

Hi there!

If you open your account settings -

There's a section for Hidden Tags - you can remove tags you've previously hidden from here.

Had to delete my account again.

Thanks for the reply tho but, like I said, no tags were showing up for removal in that section.

I had the same issue and saw that all NSFW uploads were missing even though all the browsing filters were off and set to "everything". Opening up the filter menu and clicking on the "adult" option then back to the "everything" option fixes this.

Now all models are showing.

For some reason something changed on the site and caused the "everything" option to only show models marked as "safe".

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