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lost downloads and hidden models

why does the model on my civitai lose the number of downloads, from 17k now only 10k, my models are also hidden, can only be found via the link

4 Answers

There are a lot of models I've noticed that dont appear in the search that I have only been able to find by scrolling the main page.

I had the same issue and saw that all NSFW uploads were missing even though all the browsing filters were off and set to "everything". How I fixed this is by oping up the filter menu and clicking on the "adult" option then back to the "everything" option.

This fixed the issue and now all models are showing. For some reason something changed on the site and caused the "everything" option to only show models marked as "safe".

It's censorship is what it is.

Welcome to 1984!

Necro because my DL count for my models just evaporated. As a new creator here it's really disheartening to see my models' download counts just get halved in a few hours and then just stop growing.

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