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All my models/LoRA's/uploads gone

Had others confirm they weren't viewable under my profile or searchable. I have no filters set other than 'Everything'.

Edit: Seems my filter config was "stuck". I haven't logged out in a while, by default my Filter is set to 'Everything'. Toggling to 'Safe' and then back to 'Everything' revealed the models again. Cache issue? Not sure. Hope that helps.

3 Answers

All 7 of my models disappeared

You just have to hit the little filter icon when searching and change it to "adult" from everything, even tho you would think the everything category kinda encompasses adult

I had the same issue and saw that all NSFW uploads were missing even though all the browsing filters were off and set to "everything". Opening up the filter menu and clicking on the "adult" option then back to the "everything" option fixes this.

Now all models are showing.

For some reason something changed on the site and caused the "everything" option to only show models marked as "safe".

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