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Could not find some of the models,

I was trying to find a lora that I download before, the Japanese doll likeness, However, I couldn't find it using the searching in the website. The page is till accessible via google. Are you guys removing some of the models?

4 Answers

I just cleared my search filters now i can see everything again

I had the same issue and saw that all NSFW uploads were missing even though all the browsing filters were off and set to "everything". Opening up the filter menu and clicking on the "adult" option then back to the "everything" option fixes this.

Now all models are showing.

For some reason something changed on the site and caused the "everything" option to only show models marked as "safe".

I have the same problem, the number of downloads has decreased by 5k, and my 7 models have no more, I can only enter through the link

Aha! Switching my filter from Everything to Safe and then back to Everything made all the NSFW come back!

Just turn your filter on and off again folks, let the rivers run with seed once more!

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