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Allow user tagging like steam?

I love this site but there's a lot of models that could be tagged better to increase users being able to find them.

2 Answers

Great Idea, devs please add. Anyone can add tags to the model if the author has a button flicked for it and the author can also remove tags and block user tagging all together.

I'm generally in favor of viewers adding tags as well, but I have a few concerns.

  • Insulting tags, such as "crappy quality model", may be added, which can harm the motivation of the content creators.
    An unwise measure to prevent this would be to only allow tagging from a set of predefined options.
    However, this would significantly undermine the significance and flexibility of tags and is not a good option.

  • There could be an inundation of communicative tags, similar to those used by Pixiv's Japanese users
    (where tags no longer serve their intended purpose and become mere expressions.)
    If there is a limit on the number of tags, these kinds of tags could become significantly disruptive.

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