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so is it possible to run models on my chromebook or Iphone?

so i basically downloaded models on my chromebook and Iphone (since i don’t have a pc) can I somehow run them?

2 Answers

Hey, I'm afraid not. The model uses the power of your GPU (more commonly known as a Graphics Card) to crunch the math which generates the images. Chromebooks and cellphones don't have the required power to do these things, yet. The technology is evolving, and hardware requirements are falling, so I expect we will be prompting on our phones at some point in the future.

However! All is not lost. There are services, websites which allow you to run prompts against select models, including and - and others I don't know about! Oh, and Midjourney of course - perhaps one of the most popular and well known generation services.

There are other solutions: some people host versions of their models on Huggingface and provide prompting access, but I think your best bet is to look at the services above.


There is this project:

Not sure how to install it, but it is apparently possible, just slow.

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