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There really doesn't seem to be a proper forum to ask this:

But at what point does the Civitai team realize a sizable sum of their traffic comes from guys very clearly looking to make child-sex-abuse images using the ChilloutMix and other *Mix models? Like is this just an elephant in the room we don't talk about? That the 'make children' model is as popularly downloaded as the 'realistic porn' model?

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I agree with your views

Agree fully. And there's the character Lora's that are rife for abuse that are allowed for some reason.

Agreed. Many of the models and samples are also very "iffy" and just sexualized images of child looking characters. It's creepy and disgusting, and this is coming from someone who makes horror models meant to be creepy and disgusting.

le problematic website argument #9999


The team should implement some sort of filter, that would check the generated image on an inappropriate content before give it up to the creator.

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