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Lora with other models

Hy, i can use lora without anything model? Ex: lora + HD difussion. Thanks!

2 Answers

Hi, you can absolutely use a LoRA against any checkpoint/safetensors model, some will produce better images than others though.

You can use LORA with any model as long as they are on the same base model SD1.5 or SD 2.X, the results will depend on the model and prompts. The creator will usually list which model it was trained on to produce the same result as specified. As most LORAs are based on the SD1.5, it is best to use models based on that. If the LORA is anime based / specific, using a realistic model may produce results but not as intended. Suggest trying the same prompt with different models to check out results. The range will be very wide. Finding models which mix anime and realistic can produce varied results and some "2.5D" realistic characters.

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