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What Happened to ChilloutMix?

Banned? Legal Issues? XD?

7 Answers

The creator of ChilloutMix decided to set it private because some ppl were making nsfw imagens of underages aparently.

It's still on the site. Now owned by the site owners.
I think it should be removed personally because of reasons stated above.

Isn't that true of pretty much any pack on here though?

It is, and its an absurd argument. It be like banning cameras because they "could" do it. or a pencil because they "could" whens it stop? where is this arbitrary line drawn. What happens when every model can make whatever you want and its nearly perfect? Ban them all? And I'm just gonna say it, Better this than real victims. at the end of the day its a fake person that does not exist. If this is what potentially stops an innocent girl or boy from being victimized then so be it.

This seems to be a self-policing issue. If the figure the A.I. produces looks "underage" just dump it.

It is not the reason. Even vanilla s.d 1.5 is producing these images. If you add those "words" as negative probability of getting these images are still at there. There should be another reason but i don't know it.

Too late, everyone already milking this model for p*rnogaphy. And you can see the faces are very easy distinguished. It's illegal model afterall, we didn't know it was trained on real jav or even illegal collections.

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