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How can random noobs rate 1 star to others' work?

How can random noobs rate 1 star to others' work?

Is it fair?

First what I'm seeing is chilloutmix got only 762 user ratings out of 138037 downloads. Pathetically 0.55%. Yet it's okay. Nobody cares.

But noobs can rate makes it worse.

Did you guys ever experience that malicous negetive comments flooding destroyed a community just by bots?

Yes, you must've seen that before. One can rate for trolling, for money, for what so ever doesn't matter at all.

But you probably didn't realize how big the problem is here. He can rate every single piece of your work, and the average rating results at the most important position of your profile.

That's not to the single work, that's to the person.

You uploaded 5 pieces, he can rate 5 times. You upload more, he rates you worse.

That's ridiculous.

The rating system has proven itself wrong and useless. And favorites/downloads can tell. So time to delete the rating system.

1 Answer

Hi! If you report a 1-Star rating you believe to be disingenuous or malicious, it will be considered and if necessary excluded from the overall average score. Thanks!

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