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what to i do with loras?

i need help with loras. and what dose merging mean?

2 Answers

I will tell you the new way to load LoRAs instead of the traditional way through additional networks.

Put the safetensors file in stable-diffusion-webui\models\Lora directory.

Load up webui.

Below the Generate button, there's a small red rectangular shape thingy, click on that, you should see a new menu below.

Go to the LoRA tab (you can choose other tabs for other types of plugins), left click on the LoRA, then you should see the LoRA loaded in your positive prompts, the number on the right (default is 1), is the weight. You don't need to put a comma between the <lora:xxxlora:1> and your tags.

Download a Lora file and put it in the stable-diffusion-webui\models\Lora folder.

check my profile for Lora file 😁

update and load you automatic1111. bellow generate button you will see a red button. click that and you will see multiple option of embeddings,hypernetwork,checkpoints,lora . click Lora tab and you select your downlaoded lora from the list. if you dont see the model just click the refresh button under the lora tab. it will add a new line of prompt like <lora:filename:multiplier> like say you use my Hu tao Lora model it will add <lora:hutao:1> in the prompt. here the file name is what you saved your model as. thats where most people missunderstad and thinks the lora is bad but civitai changes the filename when you download it . so if you copy the preview image prompt directly it will not work most of the time. the multiplier is the lora weight or the amount you want the lora to affect your image. 1=100% . you can use multiple lora at a time.

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