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Gray 18+ tag?

The tag for my lora is gray instead of the usual red. Have i gone color blind? Am I going mad? Is it an Illuminati conspiracy? what does the color mean? At the time of posting the site seemed to be acting up and it also wasn't included in the discord NSFW loras feed. All in all quite strange.

1 Answer

Hey! So, when I saw this I knew that this was utterly game-breaking, a show stopper - literally unplayable. So I told the Dev team to drop everything and investigate, STAT!

We worked on it for three hours. Re-booted the servers, examined every line of code, almost fired the whole art department, Dave.

I can't explain why it didn't appear in the LoRA feed, but we have an answer for the gray 18+ tag! The opacity of the red, mixed with the cyan background, make the red appear gray. I've tried it with other images, and that's definitely what it is.

Panic over. Carry on.

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