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How the heck do i download a model in the first place

Hi i am trying to add a model, and i havent been able to able to find a tutorial on how to add one into stable diffusion. i was just wondering what do i do to add a model

3 Answers

never mind i just realised there is a folder literally called models

The question is you are using in your pc?

or you using stable diffusion AUTOMATIC1111 on colab?

you should look for models that are checkpoint, just see that in the photos in civitai will have templates Lora, Textual inverson, checkpoint and many others. To open the sable diffusion you need checkpoint templates, you have to right-click on download latest, and copy the link, and paste in the AUTOMATIC1111, another way is to search for the link and copy in the huggingface, the link for chilloutmix ,

This channel are good for beginners Nolan Aatama - YouTube

If You are using Automatic1111 here is the answer-

check the type of the model you are downloading. (Lora, checkpoint, textual inversion, Vae)

for textual inversion its- stable-diffusion-webui/embeddings

for Checkpoint its - stable-diffusion-webui/models/stable-diffusion

for Vae its - stable-diffusion-webui/models/vae

for Lora its -stable-diffusion-webui/models/Lora

here stable-diffusion-webui is the automatic1111 install directory.

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