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Why am I getting such images?

I am getting a lot of these and I am not sure why.


asian woman with tatoo on her chest, tiny lingerie, sitting on a bench, 35mm, f1.8, huge d cups chest, photorealistic, high resolution, 8k, Helmut Newton

3 Answers

You need to do 512 x 768 or 768 x 512 base resolution since that's what most models were trained on, then highres fix upscale (usually by 2). If you try to stretch the base image too much in either direction, it will have weird repeated patterns, like in this case 2 bras and 2 pairs of breasts.

The Ai doesn't understand uncommon resolution very much. most of the model are trained on 512x512 . so when you use larger uncommon image they try to fill them with extra parts. just use 768x512 or around them and upscale them later for better results.

for best result, you have add negative prompts, try add in negative prompt, (low quality, worst quality, deformation, bad limbs, bad legs, bad arms,) stuffs like that, other than can help is active hires.fix, if you use 20 steps, active hires.fix and add 20 in hires.fix too

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