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Suggestion: Age of Account

Would be good to be able to see the age of an account, as it helps with knowing if they are legit. Help for susing out potential bad models but also with the questions. There are a lot of posts in this making wide sweeping claims about child abuse issues that seem very much directed at the community more so than any specific violation.

While we absolutely have to take any and all claims of child abuse seriously if I see a post like this

There really doesn't seem to be a proper forum to ask this: | Civitai

I can see if he made the post the same day he posted it and know it's a psyop/hello fellow youths situation.

Again 100% agree with purging of any and all child abuse images and models designed for it, but I don't appreciate seeing posts that say all the traffic here "comes from guys very clearly looking to make child-sex-abuse images"

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