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Help with promts.

Hello, I can't find a guide on the meaning of prompts anywhere. What do these numbers mean in this sentence? "(gradient hair :1.5)" What is their use?

And clarifications about the brackets, if they are round, then there is an emphasis on this word, and if they are square, then she takes it into account less?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

1 Answer

The brackets add emphasis to the word by a factor of 1.1 (same with the square ones, but decrease the emphasis by a factor of 1.1) You can add as many brackets as you want and it'll increase by a factor of 1.1 each time. ((word)) would be 1.1*1.1= a factor of 1.21, etc..

(word:x) does pretty much the exact same thing, but just written differently. For example: (word) would be (word:1.1) and to decrease with this method, you'd go below 1 whilst still using the brackets so [word] would be (word:0.9) and so on.

It's up to you which method you use, but I personally prefer the numbers method as it gives you a more visual representation by how much you're emphasising that word instead of just seeing something like ((((word)))) which would be (word:1.61).

If you're using automatic1111, you can highlight the word you want, hold ctrl and use the arrow keys up/down to increase/decrease emphasis and it'll auto add the (:x) around that word.

Simplified rule of thumb:

To emphasis a word, use (word:above1)

To decrease emphasis on a word, use (word:below 1)

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