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Please help people in China who like ai painting

My English is not very good, so I used translation software for the following text. As the saying goes, "There are as many sides as there are camps in the world." People in any country will not take the political struggles of other countries seriously. I see lora is hot with a Chinese leader. He attracted comments from several Chinese who hate their country. In fact, China's Internet policy does not allow ordinary people to visit foreign websites. civitai is an exception. But it is possible that with the relevant authorities' attention to the lora and the attention to the comments section, ordinary people in China are forbidden to visit the site. I couldn't find the button that reflected my thoughts. So it can only be sent here. I hope the manager of the website can help many ordinary people in China who like ai painting. Let's do this lora delete. This can really help a lot of people. To keep them from being banned from the site

5 Answers

It is not a good thing that good communities like Civitai are separated into less accessible country-specific sites.

Like Github, putting all the genius nerds in the world together and putting their heads together will make a tremendous improvement.

If it is true that the government is only heading in the direction of censorship to one person, then I vote in favour of making one exception for the benefit of greater connectivity.

Giant powers may try to expand their scope further through censorship precedents for one person, but I think it will be enough to take measures after they take action.

So what I'm seeing is that someone uploaded a Xi (you-know-who) Lora and OP is concerned that it will attract the attention of antis or government and cause them to block this site in the near future? Cause for concern for sure, not sure what site owner would like to do about that. I wouldn't be offended if it was removed, but I'm not the creator, no male LORA is a loss to me, but losing over a billion potential contributors is also a hard pill to swallow.

Having said that, even if it is removed, from what I've heard of Chinese 'values', all the porn on this site would probably cause it to be blocked anyway, yeah? We've all seen the games coming out of China after all, Puritan character design at the best of times, so imagine what would happen if someone in government found this little slice of heaven?

Suppose some weak mind like looking guys posting insulting posts and child porn pictures here intentionally and want the site to be blocked. Only Hugging face I suppose if nothing will change on the site about moderation. I sure the site will be blocked in USA fast if here will appear something insulting about transgenders and kind of themes. Anyway the site is not a place to insult anyone I suppose. Let weak minded guys to use dark net instead of it. I did say to japanese guys also be careful when they posting loli pictures as preview. Some kind of Report button for posts and pictures will help site owners in fast moderation I think.

"He attracted comments from several Chinese who hate their country. In fact, China's Internet policy does not allow ordinary people to visit foreign websites"

The Irony.

Insulting comments should be removed, sure, but the LoRA itself? An exception shouldn't be made for one person over another. Either remove ALL real Adult related LoRA or none. Just because he's a dictator doesn't mean the rest of the world should have to avoid anything to do with his generation/image.

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