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How do I add a Lora to a an existing merged model?

I've caught wind there are a few different methods other than A1111 or possible extensions that would allow this... how is it done?

Is there any easy to follow tutorials available or links on the subject?

Any and all help would be appreciated.

3 Answers

  • download a lora model . check my profile i have some uploaded there.

  • place the lora file in stable-diffusion-webui/models/Lora

  • update your Automatic1111

  • run automatic1111. you will see a new red icon under the generate button. click that and you will see options for textual inversion, hypernetwork , checkpoint and Lora.

  • click the lora tab and find the lora file you downloaded and click it. if you can't find the model just click the refresh button.

  • It will input a new prompt on the positive prompt. it will be like this <Lora:filename:1> filename is the name of your file and 1 is the value that tells the weight of the Lora. 1=100% . you only need to play with the Lora weight value.

Are you asking how to merge a lora to a model so that it is permanently part of the model? If so, there's an A1111 extension called "SuperMerger" that has that functionality. It has a "Lora" tab where you can merge a lora to a checkpoint using the button that says "merge to checkpoint". First you need to select the checkpoint (model) in "Checkpoint A" and leave "Checkpoint B". Below there should be a list of Lora's you have in your lora directory. Check mark the one you want to merge to Checkpoint A. Then enter the name you want the new checkpoint to have under "filename(option)". After that, hit "merge to checkpoint" and wait for it to complete.

Merge a LORA into an EXISTING MODEL aka train a LORA into a model

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