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Bad moderation on the site

Please someone explain the site owners to do something with loli sex and politics insulting posts. I really dont want the site to be banned because of bad moderation on the site and some weak minded users trying to discredit the site and make it on same level with dark net resources.

2 Answers

Loli= Darknet? Moderators are not responsible for the content that users make.

TBH the moderation of this site should be better but let me be specific...

Mostly for the requirements of the makers / uploaders of content which could by very nature make this site better and make less junk uploads.

Loli is banned on the site and even uploading certain tags will get the image flagged or prevented from upload.

Sex.. well that's par for the course and related to the SD content. The site is set up for adult settings and flagging files that involve mature content.

You can also flag posts or images for review if you see ones that are labeled improperly.

There is a reasonable amount of inclusions and thought into the site to account for sex / porn related things.

Insulting posts? well it's the internet people are be trolls and assholes.. comes with the territory.

What is more harmful IMHO is the drive by reviewers that will just drop 1 star on a model without any comment or reason.

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