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What is LyCORIS

Saw people were posting these, what are they and why are they good?

2 Answers

LyCORIS which was previously named LoCon in a now archived branch is a different way of training LoRA. This graph below shows it in better detail.

Difference from training LoRA on Stable Diffusion

normally most of people train LoRA with kohya-ss/sd-scripts, (me too)

but lora only train green part, locon can train yellow part. Combine them can cover almost all of the layers in the model.

(I skip the porj in and porj out since they have very small channels, if you want to f/t them, maybe just f/t it without any trick.)

full size here

Project was then moved to LyCORIS branch and further developed.

From my very limited understanding, I'd assume if it targets almost all layers, you have potential for better overall results.

LyCORIS is a large-scale language model based on the GPT architecture, which is trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet. It uses the same autoregressive generation technique as GPT to generate text.

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