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Sample images disappeared?

I uploaded a Lora recently and all but one of my sample images simply disappeared. All my sample images were SFW except one, and all except the 2nd one got removed.

Did anyone else expierence this?

I have looked through my notifications and haven't seen a message from a moderator.

For now I have reuploaded the images, but please provide me feedback if I have something wrong, so I can do it better next time!

(Lora in question, if it helps:

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

As far as I know it's a known bug that's being looking into, it appears to be do to the way civitai scans/processes images. I've also had the same happen, and I now upload 1-2 image at a time without issue.

Bug report:

Hi, the images were most likely flagged for review, then removed by a moderator. The Terms of Service forbid loli content, and it's up to the moderator to make their best judgment on which images are ToS breaking.

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