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Merge CivitAI accounts or add an email to existing account?

So when I originally found my way to this fine site, I wasn't sure what I was in for, and was just testing the waters per-se and looking around. So when I made my initial account, I just used my semi-throwaway reddit account to sign in / verify.

Now that I see that this place is awesome and am on board all the way, I'm interested in actually using my proper email and such. I think I accidentally made a 2nd account with my email, and I was wondering if it would be possible to either merge accounts in some way, or just delete the one with my email, and have a way on our account settings to add an email address.

I've just done a lot of things already on my initial account, such as following people and commenting and liking models, and I want to be able to link my actual email to this account instead of starting over on a new account that has my email.

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