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Lora models for prompting

I have difficulty frasing my question. Probably the reason I can't find an answer. So I need a little help from you guys.

If I download a Lora here, I want to use it in my prompt like <lora:modelx~1>.

I place the file in my models/Lora folder and run a prompt. But nothing happens.

Then I go to this icon under the Generate button in automatic1111 and it helps me find a prompt by clicking on the Lora. But I only see .pt files there. The Lora's here are safetensors. What is the thing I am not understanding about this?

1 Answer

you are seeing textual embeddings as .pt file. change the tab to lora. the very last tab on the right side. and use <lora:modelx:1> in prompt dont use ~

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