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what does "Use the model without crediting the creator" mean?

I don't get what this line means on the licenses...

Does it mean I have to credit the author when I publish the generation when it is displayed as forbidden... or does it mean I have to credit when I share the files with the model?
I'm confused, please clean my mind from this question 😅

1 Answer

It means that any time you use the model to create new models or generate art, you must give credit to the author.

For example, let's say I use a model by @goldstar to produce images that I have printed on t-shirts. Now, let's say that I sell these tshirts at the flea market. Well, next to the sign the says "$20/shirt," I would have to write another sign that says "Dear FBI: the art on these shirts were produced using the Anime2.5 model created by Goldstar." 🤭

Give proper attribution/credits to the person who created the model.

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