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Is this correct? Civitai

The creator of the camelia series has left. Diary Of Sta, ranked 16th today, also left. Several well-known creators have left before that, and today I am leaving too. Advertisements made in China are uploaded. Is the site being maintained? There is no response to the report, and there's no place to ask. It's presumptuous, but it doesn't look very nice to see a huge AI sharing community go downhill. Please come up with a countermeasure.

1 Answer

Hi there! Sad to see you go. As noted by Wktra, the site continues to surge in popularity. All reported content is viewed and actioned by moderators, in the order received. We have many proactive monitoring processes, and react to user-reported issues as quickly as possible.

If something you reported did not receive a response, or there was no visible action, it was most likely reviewed by a moderator who deemed that no action need be taken. Many reported issues are not breaking the Civitai Terms of Service.

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