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Creator should have the option to remove spam and fake review themselves.

They should give the option to the creator to deal with spam and fake review by themself. or they should have the option to hide the fake review from the profile until the mod checks them out.

3 Answers

Hi, if you report suspicious content/reviews they'll be assigned to the moderation queue and reviewed by a moderator as quickly as possible.

If content uploaders were allowed to modify or hide any review they received, we'd have nothing but perfect 5/5 reviews on every model :)

You might be interested to know that even moderators aren't allowed to moderate their own content - any spam or fake reviews must be reported and added to the moderation queue along with everyone else's reports, to be actioned by another moderator.

i get it thats why i asked for the option, when we report a fake review it will get hidden from the profile temporarily until the mods checks the report and validate it. it would be a good feature as it will save time and i won't have to close the review section as it limits new good reviews from getting posted.

What if you have someone leaving insulting/stupid things on all your models or even some of the sample images, just because they are bitter that you called sexual child images creepy? lol

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