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Adding a browsing filter for Anime

Anime-themed models are very popular here. Some of them works with photorealistic models, some of them don't, which is fine. I'd personnaly like to have a browsing filter that hide them when I want. Not all non-anime models have a common tag that could allow to see all of them while excluding anime.

2 Answers

Recently I was told how to hide tags:

Though it does turn out that hiding the "anime" tag doesn't actually hide all the anime like you said, it's a real bummer.

Because people don't bother to tag models. I have "anime" tag set to hidden and still half of the content I see is anime. However (tip!) if you filter out nsfw, almost all anime goes away. Curious. Though it would be great to have a sub-board for the minority not interested in anime and hard porn.

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