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Req: Ability to suggest tags for a model, or report a model for missing tags

Fellas there's a lot of untagged anime. I'd like to click on something and put in a vote for an anime tag on the ones I see so they can disappear for myself and for others that have anime hidden.

It might be easier to go through all the thumbnail images of every submitted model and automatically detect if it's anime and tag it as such, but barring that it'd be great to have a way to enforce tagging for anime and anything else that might end up important for people.

I reckon a change to the Report UI to have a "Missing tags" option would suffice from a user perspective, don't know about how easily that could be utilized though.

1 Answer

Hi there!

You're absolutely right, there's masses of it! The good news is that there's a huge image handling overhaul on the horizon which should make missing anime tags a thing of the past - or at the least help clean it up somewhat.

In the meantime, you are welcome to report missing tags as you come across models without them - choose Needs Moderator Review > Other Concern, and add a little note, even just "missing anime tag". We'll see it, and make the change.


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