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Suggestion: Some Form of Download History Management

Something I've found myself wishing for that others may also find useful;

Any kind of icon/effect/sticker applied while viewing the main list of models to indicate which models have been downloaded already based on a user's download history.

And/or some way of exporting a user's download history as text/csv so it could at least be managed individually. The way that the download history is displayed currently, I'm unable to find a way to easily create a full list of each model.

2 Answers

I would love this!

Hi there!

We're working on this! If you are a Civitai Supporter you'll gain access to the Beta of Civitai Link, which connects Civitai to your Automatic1111 WebUI interface, and displays an indication of models already downloaded.

It also has a bunch of other cool features, like one-click-downloads - straight to the appropriate WebUI folder (LoRA, model, etc), download manager, and so on.

This is something we'll be expanding upon in future, and I shall pass on your idea of an exportable list.


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