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Would you accept cryptocurrency for subscriptions?


I want to give money to but I don't want to use stripe

Would you accept crypto currency? I dont care which one. I will pay you directly for a year long subscription if you setup a wallet and give me an address.

1 Answer

This is EXTREMELY unsafe, and VERY unverifiable in many ways because of the decentralized nature of crypto and the nature of scams. While this is an opinion in some ways, I am a user on this site and would prefer this is not an option because it is VERY hard to verify crypto payments, and i'm not trying to say you're not willing to pay - i think you're VERY honest, and i think it's great you're coming up with alternative methods...

But currently for a large scale site like this, crypto does not seem feasable, and this could just be me, I'm just passing what I personally know and have seen.

Not all crypto or NFT's are scams yes, but the nature of decentralization was to make it private and harder to track in a certain way so the end user was "SAFE" but it's sort of over the years become less that and more "Falsifiying things" - If you know of a way to impliment this without it causing an issue maybe make a suggestion?

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