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Request for Modification of the user profile

I think it would be very interesting for all CivitAI users, to add in each user profile, some tabs or a selector to view the rewiews and public comments made by that user.


Now in a user's profile only the models that the user has created appear.


There are users that generate very interesting images and Promts and it is almost impossible to follow them through all the CivitAI pages. This modification in the profile would make it easier for us to find the publications of the users we follow.


I hope that we are many users who support this modification.

2 Answers

I think this is a new feature that isn't totally implemented yet, but you can actually view all images a user's posted.

Go the the user page and add "/images" at the end of the url. There's currently no dedicated button for this.

For example ""

Annoyingly, you can't easily go to the model page from the viewed image.

I do agree though, it would be nice if the user page was sort of a "landing page" for the user. Allowing you to customize it a little, or just a place where others can see what you're up to.

As a creator I Almost like the simplicity of the pages for now, because the more you impliment the more time it takes to keep the site from crashing each time. Not that i'm disagreeing your suggestion isn't a cool one, but sometimes simple = better, especially for the users that create because the mroe content we have to enter, the more buttons to press the harder it is :)

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