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What base should I use to make an inpainting model of degenerate?

I have trying to make an inpainting model of degenerate, but when use the standard SD1.5 model it does not work. What base is degenerate built on? I could not find the info in the description provided by @sluggie

1 Answer

I tested yesterday, but I didn't write down. So from memory, it's based on one of the anime mixes/trained models. Like I said, I don't remember exactly, but I think it's either ayonimix, abyssorange or grapefruit.

I have several dozen models I use for fine tuning, now and then I waste half an hour rendering the same prompt in every single model to compare and I remember degenerate giving a very very similar result to one of those that was before it in the alphabetical order, or close to it.

If I get around doing another master render tonight, I will repost here for you.

Edit: It seems like either ChilloutNI or WildMix, or a mix of the two. None of the other models I have render the same pose/composition.




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